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SYNAPSY provides all players in the mobile arena with extensive, flexible and highly performant managed mobile services and solutions.

Our main focus always was and still is to provide cutting edge Mobile Content Management & Delivery solutions to Mobile Network Operators and Providers that are streamlined & workflow optimized to drive revenue, minimize costs for all players in the mobile value chain and offer stunning Web, Mobile or On-Device discovery and sales channels.

Learn more about our main products and services & convince yourself:

Tentorium in Europe

Tentorium in Europe

TENTORIUM has been on the market since 1988. In almost three decades, the business that started with one single beehive has grown to the level of an international company with high-tech production and service centers in 13 countries. Today TENTORIUM is represented in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Moldova, Estonia, China, Serbia, Germany and Europe. In February 2017, the signing of an exclusive cooperation agreement for Europe with Synapsy GmbH opened a new chapter for the distribution of TENTORIUM in Europe.
For millions of people, TENTORIUM is now a unique product, a stable business and the only company in the bee industry to process all well-known beekeeping products and natural phytoproducts.

Mobile Content Management & Delivery Solution

SYNAPSY Mobile Content Management & Delivery Solution

No matter if you are already offering mobile contents to your customers & need to upgrade your mobile services or you plan to setup new mobile services SYNAPSY can help you offering a huge variety of all types of mobile contents on your webpages, mobile storefronts, TV or print ads backed by the SYNAPSY Mobile Content Delivery & Management Solution (mCMS) & the ready to go mobile contents already integrated in SYNAPSY's content catalogue. learn more...

Application & Games Wrapper Solution for Android & JavaME

Extend and enhance original JavaME and Android games and applications utilizing the SYNAPSY JarJacket Wrapper Engine

As the leading service provider for wrapping solutions in the JavaME arena with millions of installations per month, SYNAPSY has transferred its extended know-how and experience to the Android world. learn more...

On-Device Portal Clients for Android, Bada, Brew, JavaME & Symbian devices

SYNAPSY provides you with cross platform ODP’s, that can be either pre-installed on multi-platform target devices or offered for download. learn more...

Android Solution Suite by SYNAPSY

Android Solution Suite by SYNAPSY - Android Wrapper, Android On-Device Portal, Android Market Crawler and Android Channel Extender

Millions of mobile devices of different manufacturers have been equipped with the Android Operating System (Android OS) already – and the success story has just begun - SYNAPSY provides you the services & tools to be successful too. learn more...

Additional Mobile Services by SYNAPSY



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